young lit Workshops

Doncaster Little Theatre’s Young Lit, our youth theatre, provides drama workshops and experience of working in a live theatre for children and young people aged 7-18. Now held back at Doncaster Little Theatre!

Each two-hour workshop costs just £5.00, plus £15.00 per year Membership Fee for Doncaster Little Theatre. Parents/guardians of Young Lit Members become Associate Members of the Theatre and as such are free to help in the theatre in any area they feel they can make a contribution.

Workshop Sessions are:

  • 10.30 am – 12:30 noon (Age 7 – 11)
  • 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm (Age 12 – 18)

Every Saturday (Term Time)

At Doncaster Little Theatre


£ 5


All Members have the opportunity to appear in up to three productions per year at the theatre and to learn the drama skills that make acting and performance so enjoyable. Young Lit Membership offers the chance to:

Have fun and meet new people, learn about drama and how to bring plays to life as well as develop communication skills and build self-confidence. Other skills such as teamwork, self-discipline and taking direction can also be developed. Come along and join us and use your leisure time in an enjoyable, positive and creative way and perform in our own theatre.

Children over the age of eleven will be able to access the Bronze Arts Award. This involves keeping a diary of artistic activities, attending and writing about a performance, leading a short piece of drama and researching and writing about an actor/actress/playwright. The course involves forty hours of guided activities and twenty hours of individual work. The children will keep a portfolio to evidence their work and learning and this will be externally moderated by someone form The Arts Award.

There is a cost for each candidate so the cost of the whole course including free tuition will be £30.00. For more information please use the contact form below.

Our Young Lit Members may also have the opportunity to act in Doncaster Little Theatre Main House Productions, from time to time, giving them valuable experience of working with adults. Older students can assist backstage and undertake technical training to build skills and experience in these areas if they wish, and they can learn directing skills.

As they move from Young Lit to full Theatre Membership at 18 our Members will ensure that they are supported to develop their skills as they wish to. If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously interested in Drama and all it has to offer whether you are a child, young person, or a parent. We’d love to answer any of your questions about Young Lit.


Doncaster Little Theatre is a Registered Charity, and is managed by volunteers. Our Young Lit Group is led by qualified and experienced teachers on a voluntary basis. Our sole purpose is to provide children and young people with a challenging and rewarding activity, and to help them to develop the skills to enjoy drama throughout their lives. We hope that in this way we will contribute to the long term development of each individual and the sustainability of our theatre, (through new members joining the adult group as they reach the age of 18).

We are very proud that our membership crosses the generation gap, and we have members from 18 to 80, some of whom began as Young Lit Members.

why choose Doncaster Little Theatre?

Well first and foremost, we have our own theatre. We have been at our King Street site for twenty five years now, and the advantages of having our own performance space are huge. Our young people have the opportunity to perform on our own stage, an intimate 99 seat theatre, and we don’t have to pay for this. They also have subsidised tickets for our adult shows, which gives them the chance to experience live theatre for a very small cost.

Our Young Lit shows are, in the main, sustained by the workshop fees but are able to draw on the expertise of our technical support staff, publicity, marketing, costume, and set building teams; all at no extra cost to the young people or the group. Because our teachers are volunteers, we are able to charge a lower fee than some other Doncaster drama groups.

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