Auditions - George’s Marvellous Medicine
January 31st and February 1st @ 7pm 
Show dates April 6th -9th 
Please book a time slot and arrive 5 minutes before. -

It's the half term holiday and George Kranky is looking forward to a break from school when a letter from Grandma arrives announcing that she is coming to stay - that very day! Soon she is making George's life miserable with spiteful comments and demands for doses of medicine, so George decides to mix a new type of medicine for her. Shaving foam, shampoo, lipstick and chilli powder all go into the mixture, which makes Grandma grow and grow into a giant until she crashes through the farmhouse roof. Soon Dad comes up with a plan to use the medicine to make giant farm animals - and a fortune for the Kranky family. 
First George needs to remember the ingredients for his marvellous medicine, with a little help from the audience. 

-George: 15+ male or female
-Mum: 30-50 F
-Dad: 30-50 M
-Granny: 30-80 F or M (can be made up to look old and Granny like)          
-Giant Chicken and "Stage Hand" F or M

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The Thrill Of Love

January 31st and February 1st @ 7pm 
Show dates May 12th – 14th
Please book a time slot and arrive 5 minutes before. –

Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain in 1955 after being convicted of shooting her lover, David Blakely, in cold blood. ‘The Thrill of Love’ dramatises this infamous true story and takes a closer look at the women behind the headlines.

Variously described as a Blonde Bombshell and a Femme Fatale, Ruth Ellis famously became the last woman to be hanged in Britain in July 1955. This exciting, new play that premiered in February 2013, explores the lives and relationships of the beautiful, sassy and smart women who sought an escape from poverty in the perceived glamour of the London club scene.

Whilst Ellis pleaded not guilty, she offered no defence and sealed her own fate by declaring whilst on oath: “It is obvious that when I shot him, I intended to kill him”. “No further questions” came the withering reply. The case, and the public outcry that followed eventually led to the abolition of the death sentence in Britain. Certainly today, a Court would have taken longer than 15 minutes to convict and condemn – but sexual abuse and domestic violence were not acknowledged or named and so could not be used as concepts to build a defence upon


 Character Description Playing age 
Ruth Ellis Nightclub hostess. Vivacious, vulnerable and deeply damaged.
Ruth speaks with an R.P. accent.
Mid 20’s
Vickie Martin Model and actress who becomes Ruth’s best friend. Attractive, amoral, witty and ambitious.Mid 20’s
Doris Judd Charwoman. Selfless, kind, honourable and dependable.Mid 20’s
Sylvia Shaw Nightclub manageress. A doyenne of the night club world. Independent and street-wise with a soft centre.40 +
Jack Gale Detective Inspector Gale – sharp, experienced, meticulous, tenacious, empathetic.50 +

Audition materiel available from

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