We know that there are some amazingly talented people out there and we want you! We are always looking for new stars to perform at Doncaster Little Theatre alongside our incredible cast and crew!

THE BOOR by Anton Chekhov
This is a one act play for three actors which is thirteen pages long and will take about half an hour to perform – if we get the pace right!
It will be one of our Black Box productions in order to keep the set as simple as possible.

It is a farce about mannered society of the 1880’s and deals with the fickle nature of human emotions and commitment.

  • Helena Ivanova Popov – a youngish and attractive widow – about 30ish – who has been in deep mourning since her husband died seven months before. She has determined to remain incarcerated in her home until she dies in order to prove her faithfulness to her unfaithful husband.
  • Grigori Stepanovitch Smirnov – a landowner and country gentleman – 30-40ish – he has little time for the wiles of the female whom he sees as untrustworthy and not very bright.
  • Luka – the older retainer (40+) of Mrs Popov who wishes to persuade his mistress to embrace life again before she loses her beauty.

Audition Pieces:

Mrs Popov – pages 6 – 8 from, ‘Sir, in my solitude . . .’ to ‘I won’t give you the money.’
Smirnov – pages 6 – 8 from, ‘Lord, How angry I am! . . . ’ to ‘Pay me my money, and I’ll leave.’
Luka – pages 1 – 2 from, ‘It isn’t right, ma’am. . . .’ to bottom of page 2.

Script –

Show Dates: November 12th, 13th and 14th at 7.30 pm.
Audition Date: Sunday September 27th 1.00 – 5.00 pm in the theatre.

In order to adhere to current Government guidelines members are asked to book a slot at half-hour intervals beginning at 1.00 pm. If more than nine people wish to audition then I will extend the timeframe.

To book your slot you can book via ticketsource:
I would like to have the first read through on Monday October 12th at 7.00 pm at the theatre and then two rehearsals per week possibly on Wednesdays and Thursdays if this suits the actors but this can be changed to accommodate other commitments.

Snow White Pantomime Auditions!

Tuesday 29th September 6-9 pm

Thursday 1st October 6-9 pm

Sunday 4th October 4-8 pm

You will need to prebook on-line one of the half hour time slots through ticketsource.

Auditions will consist of:

-One spoken word piece of your choice (monologue, duologue, poem)

-One song of your choice(Please pick a song that best shows of your ability)

-Chat with the director including covid procedures that have been put in place for rehearsals and shows.


Abbie Wand, head of Pigwarts school of Fairy Magic.

Penny Pocus, trainee fairy.

King Wally White.

Wicked Queen Aida

Snow White

Nanny Bobbins, Dame

Bobbie Bobbins, Dame’s Daughter

Prince Percy Purple

Sir Kit, the Prince’s aide de camp/dwarf in act 2



If you have any questions or unsure please get in touch, we are always happy to provide support!