Doncaster Little Theatre is a registered charity ( No. 1123020 ) and currently receive no funding apart from some grants which we can apply for to complete set projects.

We rely on our ticket sales, the hiring of the theatre and bar sales to keep us running. All of our members are volunteers who run all of the Front of House as well as providing support for each of our shows by doing everything behind the scenes as well as putting on our own in-house productions. Aside from our volunteers we only have two paid staff members who are employed by the theatre and these are a 6-8pm Box Office staff member and a cleaner.

If you are able to donate any sum of money whether it is big or small, this would go towards keeping our theatre alive with great shows, workshops, outreach events and the general upkeep of the theatre.
Or if you would like to help out in the front of house or any aspect of the theatre then we would love for you to get involved!

Ways to help and donate are below – Thank You

You can donate in many ways… 

We accept PayPal / Bank Transfer or via the Box Office by cash or card. 

We can now take Direct Debit, which you can become a supporter of our theatre. You can choose one of the below options.

Click Here to give £2.50 Support

Click Here to give £5.00 Support

Click Here to give £10.00 Support

We will contact you a few days after you have registered with information.

“We hope to provide thanks to our Supporters in the future and will be in touch”

Assisting with the Front of House duties for shows really helps with the overall running of the theatre. If you are able to provide as little as 3 hours a month to cover a duty, this takes the pressure off of the other members who dedicate so much time to the theatre. – For more information please check our Friends page.

We offer Gift Cards which can be used for any production in our theatre and can be bought at a amount of your choice. These are perfect for Birthdays or Christmas gifts.

We offer season tickets at £75 which entitle you to see 12 amazing Little Theatre or Young Lit shows. (Which works as a saving to you and a big help to us!) These are advertised as ‘Doncaster Little Theatre Presents’.

For more information on these please contact the Box Office via the form below.

We are available for a variety of events other than theatre, dance, live music or films. Using our auditorium or bar space we have provided small parties / conferences / award giving’s and more. We have a fixed day price or hourly rates and are happy to help bring your event to life. More information and how to book on our Venue Hire page.

If you can display our posters in your office/workplace/community building this is very much appreciated. We can drop off any posters / season guides that you require. 

If you are in a position to offer a sponsorship of the theatre, or an individual show (such as adverts in our programmes), please contact us through the form below or phone our Box Office.
We can find a way that works for you as we have many forms of advertising throughout the theatre. 

If you are having an event or gala that would benefit from a small theatre production or cabaret or we are able to be a part of to advertise our theatre then we would love to be involved. 

Of course by far the best support is for you to come along and enjoy our shows, tell your friends and relations and think about arranging a party booking.