Real Estate – A Doncaster Little Theatre Production

Real people faced with real dilemmas, but will they make the choices you expect? A play about the choices made by a woman and her daughter and their consequences. Jenny, a 38-year-old pregnant career woman, returns to the home of her mother and stepfather whom she has not seen in twenty years. Ostensibly, she wants […]

Three Acts, One Show

Rum and Vodka What do you do when you wake up to find you’re a father of two, holed up in a job you detest, and married to a woman you don’t love? A young man with a drink problem tells of three momentous days in his life when his drab nine-to-five existence is obliterated […]


** Date change from November 16th ** Elite Theatre Arts brings you Malice: a dark reimagining of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. What if you found out the Wonderland you’ve heard stories of isn’t what meets the eye? That it’s nothing but a parasite? In this story Maddie is trapped in Wonderland and needs to escape before […]