This is Halloween

After the success of last years ‘It Started with a Kidnap’ the Elite Theatre Arts seniors bring you this new play written by 16 year old Macy Lamb. The light hearted play is set on Halloween evening at a party where a bunch of teenage friends have an unexpected visit from the Grim Reaper.

Stop the World, We’re Getting Off

Welcome to Clapham South tube station – the ramshackle home of the last five survivors of the climate crisis. Left with the ruins of generations before them, a dwindling oxygen supply leaves only enough breathable air for the remaining five people – and Ava is pregnant. As the oxygen falls around them, can they come […]

All Hallows’ Eve – A Young Lit Production

Written and directed by Barbara Upton The Discoverers meet to discuss and plan their Halloween celebrations. Talk of spirits, witches and things that go bump in the night occupy the Autumn half-term. Their plans were very different from the run of the mill but nothing prepared the group for what they experienced on October 31st […]

Don’t judge a punk by his hair colour

Written and directed by Alan ClarkA Tale of high ambition and family secrets set against the backdrop of the birth of UK Punk in 1976. Not everything in the punk world is black and white though as we see Martin torn between his musical ambition and the needs of his family.

Antigone – A Young Lit Production

Antigone, distraught at the death of her brother, defies Creon’s edict to leave his traitorous body on the battle field and buries him thus bringing the King’s wrath down on her own head; a tale of betrayal broken promises, unrequited love and death which still has the power to shock.

Mister Nice – A Little Theatre Production

Inheriting a valuable property in the city seems like good fortune to young Luke Kirkwood, but the house hides terrible secrets, including the presence of the ironically named Mister Nice, and he comes to learn that tragedy and horror are his true legacy. Dark comedy mixes with classic horror in this modern tale of the […]