The White Bike – A Little Theatre Production

Millions of people cycle to work every day. And every week, some of them don’t make it home. Based on a true Story The White Bike by Tamara Werthern is an affecting play that is all related and based upon what happens when our world is turned upside down. Millions of people cycle to work […]

Real Estate – A Doncaster Little Theatre Production

Real people faced with real dilemmas, but will they make the choices you expect? A play about the choices made by a woman and her daughter and their consequences. Jenny, a 38-year-old pregnant career woman, returns to the home of her mother and stepfather whom she has not seen in twenty years. Ostensibly, she wants […]

Rum & Vodka and By the Tree Stump

Two Acts, One Show By the Tree Stump Sometimes even your closest friends are not always who they appear to be. The play is a short drama that explores friendship, love, and secrecy. The theme of the piece is “Hidden truths”, and explores it with some of the characters, and shows how it affects others. […]


** Date change from November 16th ** Elite Theatre Arts brings you Malice: a dark reimagining of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. What if you found out the Wonderland you’ve heard stories of isn’t what meets the eye? That it’s nothing but a parasite? In this story Maddie is trapped in Wonderland and needs to escape before […]

Low Level Panic – A Little Theatre Production

Three flatmates. A single bathroom. And a whole world of men. In this funny, unapologetic play, three twenty-something women figure out how they really feel about sex, their bodies, and each other. With a vibrancy and stylistic freedom, Low Level Panic interrogates the effects of society’s objectification of women.