Under Milk Wood

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Under Milk Wood

Read to Write Presents

The great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas wrote ‘Under Milk Wood,’a radio play for voices set in a fictional Welsh estuary town he named ‘Llareggub,’Buggerall backwards. It charts twenty four hours from night to nightfall in the life of the town. The narrator and second voice invite you to enter, to spy, a voyeuristic trip into the dreams of the sleeping town, exposing their innermost desires, hopes and fears.

The ghostly apparitions of drowned Captain Cat and his crew emerge from the sea. Dawn breaks, the town stirs. The characters spring to life in all their complexity, absurdity, strengths and weaknesses finely drawn from real people known to Thomas, the gossips, the lovers,deceivers and swindlers, poisoners and the devout. As the day progresses we glimpse insanity, love beyond the grave and a young girl dreams of first love swearing she will ‘sin until she explodes.’

Night begins to fall, some head for the pub ‘ The Sailors Arms,’other’s to assignations in the wood. The ghosts of Captain Cat and his shipmates return to the sea and once again the citizens of LLareggub drift into their dreams.

Thursday 16th May
7:30pm (Doors 6:30pm)
Ticket price £10.00

Author: Dylan Thomas | Director: Miriam Harrison
Music composed by Allan Wilkinson.

Read to Write is proud to present this wonderful play. All proceeds to go to St John’s Multibank, Foodbank, Balby