The True Story of Cinderella

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The True Story of Cinderella

Well folks as 2020 was a complete write off, please (finally!!!) join I.C.E Theatre for our annual pantomime! We present a fun packed show full of song, dance and laughter! Based on the well-known story of Cinderella. We find our heroine  and her comedy sidekick Buttons stuck working in her family’s Bicycle repair shop. That is until the announcement of Prince Charming’s festival which is sure to change everything! With a cast packed full of dramatic Dames, magical fairies and nosey paparazzi…it has something the whole family will enjoy!

Saturday 15th January 22
2pm & 6:30pm
Ticket price £5

Suitable for all ages

Duration – Approximately 90 minutes with a 15 minute interval

Written and directed by: Jamie Christian and Kimberley Gibson

Stage Manager: Charles Lyttle

Sound: Jamie Christian

Lighting: Charles Lyttle

Performed by: The cast of I.C.E Theatre


Facebook: @i.c.etheatreltd

Instagram: @i.c.etheatre_ltd