Sod’s Law Auditions

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Sod’s Law Auditions

Audition days: Sunday 18th 2-5pm | Monday 19th 6-9pm
Show Dates: Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th June
A Doncaster Little Theatre Production

Please register your interest for the day and attend at the start time

When Last of the Summer Wine collides with Men Behaving Badly that’s… Sod’s Law

The two elderly survivors of a long-term gang-of-three cling desperately to the memory of their friend and the traditions they hold dear. They have to stand firm in the face of progress and modernisation as their place of sanctuary, their local pub, is threatened with being turned into a car park! In order to block the path of the wheels of change their only recourse is to stage a sit-in in the snug, bringing mixed reactions from their friends and families, and rather too much attention from the somewhat-shaky hand of the law.

“Sod’s Law” Cast of Characters:
Sally, the Barmaid – 20s, smart and dependable, likes things done right.

Doreen, the Landlady – 40s, tired and grumpy, looking for a way out.

Jack, the Smooth One – 70, ladies’ man, charmer and bon vivant, but a good guy.

Ted, the Daft One – 70, good-hearted but perhaps not quite all there…?

Alice, Jack’s Wife – late 60s, long-suffering wife of Jack, bit of a sharp wit.

Hank, the Yank – 50, self-centred opportunist, bit of a sad case.

Jean, the “Wife” – late 60s, a blast from the past, but is she a welcome return or a bad penny?

Dunstable, the Policeman – anything from 20s to 50s, force for good or pawn of “the man”?

Ages stated are “playing ages”. I am quite amenable to “aging up” younger actors for some roles.
Audition pieces

Sunday 18th 2-5pm | Monday 19th 6-9pm
Sunday 18th 2-5pm | Monday 19th 6-9pm
Ticket price Free to attend

Comedy play written and directed by Will Templeton
(c) Will Templeton