Auditions – No Romance

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Auditions – No Romance

Audition Slots –
Sunday 12th June between 10am and 2pm
Tuesday 14th June between 7pm and 9pm

No Romance by Nancy Harris
A tender and funny tale about our secret selves, No Romance is a play about our search for connection in a fractured world. It received the Stewart Parker Trust Award in 2012.
Laura has a secret. Joe’s has been revealed. Peg’s been keeping hers for years.
Rich with the absurdities, hypocrisies and vulnerabilities that course through our lives, Nancy Harris’s No Romance playfully observes the longings, fears and desires we reveal – and don’t reveal – in our closest relationships.
No Romance was first staged at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in 2011.

My notes
The play is set in the Republic of Ireland in the 2000s. However, I’m less worried about authentic Irish accents and more interested at bringing the characters to life and making them believable. The play follows three separate interactions between two people (with the addition of a child in the third) and as such is quite dialogue heavy. The comedy of the piece is brought out more in expression and what is unsaid rather than in the way of out and out jokes. A great challenge for the actors (and the director?)
Characters (in order of appearance).(First description is that contained in the character list in the play itself and is very light on details!)
(Second description is what I’ve garnered from reading the play. There may be some flexibility in ages.)

LAURA (F-36) – A client wanting to be photographed. When she talks, she talks.
Slightly naïve for her age. Has had little luck with the opposite sex until her fairly recent current boyfriend. Wants to surprise him for his birthday with some photographs in bizarre (not in a sexual way!) costumes (e.g. Queen Guinevere). Talks as if she can’t get her thoughts out quick enough. Her secret is her real reason for wanting the photos done.

GAIL (F-36) – The photographer. Restrained, but not unkind.
Was at school with Laura. At school she was a loner and was bullied. She is now a successful photographer, has travelled the world and is about to have a book of her work published. Laura admires her inner strength, the fact that she announced to the school she was a lesbian (at a time when few people in Ireland would have) and her success. However, Gail’s seemingly perfect world is currently in a state of turmoil due to relationship issues.

CARMEL (F – late 40s) – works in a bank. Nicely dressed for the occasion.
The occasion is a visit with her husband to see his deceased mother in the chapel of rest. She is initially supportive and encourages him to speak to his mother. His reticence finally exasperates her and she launches into a tirade about his secret behaviour, which she has recently learnt of.
JOE (M – fifties)Currently not working. Carmel’s husband.
Is too preoccupied with his daughter’s holiday antics being shared online to bother about his late mother. When his secret behaviour is challenged he is adamant he is innocent and tries to lie his way out of things, like some miscreant child who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. When he finally tells the truth his attitude towards his secret is very much at odds with his views about his daughter’s behaviour.

PEG (F – 80) Eighty
Lives independently but her son has arrived to move her to a nursing home. She is feisty and independent with a wry sense of humour. She is adamant she is not moving (well not until the morning anyway). Her relationship with her (unseen) crazy neighbours reveals her broad mindedness and joie de vie. She convinces her son to visit the neighbours which gives her the chance to reveal her secret to the audience.

MICHAEL (M – 42) Peg’s son. A hard working harassed aura.
An uptight male – harassed by his mother, his ex-wife (via the phone) and unable (or unwilling) to connect with his son. Just wants to get his mother moved and is sceptical and judgemental about his mother’s crazy neighbours.

JOHNNY (M – 12) Peg’s grandson, Michael’s son. Quiet, awkward. Holds a Sony PSP.
Could be older (up to 17?) Doesn’t say much. Spends all his time with his PSP (or similar).

Sunday12th and Tuesday 14th June
Sun 10-2pm | Tue 7-9pm
Ticket price Free to Audition!

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