Jail Bait

Speaker 1
Jail Bait
Jacqui Swallows, the sour faced cow of South England returns with her brand-new one-woman comedy spectacular.
Growing up in the early 70s (or modern-day Isle of Wight as we call it), Jacqui found herself an outsider from the get-go, somewhat of a social pariah, on the outskirts of life looking in, and JUDGING. As her showbiz life has come about, Jacqui has not been one to hold back and share her views, no matter who she upsets (Disclaimer: Jacqui Swallows is proud to be an equal opportunities offender. Nobody is safe).
In this brand-new rampage/comedy exploration, Jacqui will share her findings of life as we know it and discuss the things she is WELL AND TRULY over. Life’s too short for the PC brigade, so in no un-certain terms – Jacqui tells you how it is and how it really should be. Join Jacqui for a night of side-splitting humour and straight to the point world fixing - It’s not a show to be missed! In a world full of wrongs she's putting things right!
This show is not for the easily offended (but if you are easily In a world full of wrongs she's putting things right!, buy a ticket. I'll take your money anyway!). 
This is an 18+ event, strong language used throughout.
8pm Saturday 8th February
Tickets £12
Doors Open
7:00 PM
Show Starts
8:00 PM