COVID Information

We look forward to opening our doors and for your return! Changes have been made to ensure everybody remains safe whilst in the theatre, we will be updating this page with all the changes we make before we open on Wednesday 23rd September with our first show ‘Overtones’.

Here is a break down of how everything will work, from booking, attending, having a drink and leaving…

1. Tickets are to be bought in advance and online only. (This will close 30mins before the start time) – our Box Office will be closed for the time being – Tickets are available from our What’s On Page. – When booking tickets you will see that social distancing rules will be applied to the seats once you have booked. You will not be sat next to anyone outside of your bubble.

2. Our doors will be open 30 minutes before the show’s start time (advertised on your tickets) This will give you time to sit down and order a drink.

3. Your ticket will be an E-Ticket on your phone. All we need is your name and ticket reference.

4. Face Coverings must be worn at all times whilst inside the theatre (Unless you have a valid reason not too) – You can only remove this while you are having a drink in your seat. If you do not have a face covering or a valid reason, entry will be refused for the safety of the public and our members.

5. Entrance to the theatre will be via the Auditorium side door, which will be clearly marked as you approach the theatre. (Markings will be on the path if there is a small queue)

6. You will be greeted by one of our members and asked to show your name and reference, they will then direct you straight to your seats.

7. If you would like a drink from our bar our waiters will be on hand to serve you. Our bar menu will be on the projector for you and contactless payment will be used.

8. If you require the toilet, you will exit via the doors towards the back of the auditorium and follow the arrows to the toilets – the toilets will be a one in / one out system managed by staff. Please queue near the bar until they are free.

9. To return to the auditorium follow the arrows, down the corridor to the front of the auditorium to be seated again.

10. Once the show has finished, you will exit by the door towards the back of the auditorium out via the box office.

If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend the theatre and remain at home. For information please see the NHS website

We hope you enjoy your safe return to our theatre, if you have any questions you would like to ask or any accessibility requirements, please fill out the form below. Thank You.


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