September in Rain

SCAR Productions Presents:

‘September in the rain’ is a gentle lyrical comedy, with what a first glance appears to be an innocent and rather sentimental story: a couple, Jack & Liz look back on there holiday times together in Blackpool. But peel back in the surface and we realise this is a play fuelled by the mining industry and the effect it had on individuals. September holiday week was known as Leger Week in Doncaster and most miners had that week for their holiday. It was ironic that miners trapped underground during their work time ended up having a week’s holiday where it rained upon them for the duration.

Join Jack & Liz in Blackpool on the beach ad up the Tower or on Pleasure Beach for a riotous ride!

Written by John Godber / Directed by Simon Carr

Tickets: £10 / £8 (Under 16 / Over 60)

Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th September – 7pm

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