Be Involved, Be Inspired, Be part of a Group, Be in the Loop

Be Part of Doncaster Little Theatre

Weather you have Artistic Membership, part of Young Lit or are a Friend of the Theatre all of these are the amazing benefits you get from being a Member at the little theatre.

Artistic Membership allows people to get up on the stage and be inspired to perform. You can act, direct, manage stage sound and lighting, or work backstage as a stagehand, in the workshop, dressing rooms, or costume department. Artistic membership includes all the perks of being a friend of the theatre. It really is your opportunity to  access all areas in being part of a theatre for the great price of £24 for your first year, £36 for each year after that.

The Young Lit is DLT’s youth theatre section. Annual subscriptions are paid by parents/guardians who become Associate Members (see the Young Lit tab).

Friend of the theatre for a minimum donation £12 you can be involved with front of house, bar work, hosting and general running of the theatre. This work is vital to Doncaster Little Theatre and all it hopes to do within Doncaster.

You can find out more about this and top up on all the skills needed to run a theatre at #membershipmondays

For more information please email [email protected] or call the box office on the number above.




With 12 DLT productions a year there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in a variety of ways.


With such a wide range of productions on offer at Doncaster Little Theatre there is always plenty to inspire whether you are on stage or in the audience.


Being part of a theatre community opens up your social circle and helps you to build confidence and skills in a range of areas.


As a Member you are entitled to receive monthly newsletters, these include bulletins about future events and activities as well as updates about any developments within the theatre.


We need YOU!

Sponsorship and other support

If you can display our posters in your office/workplace/community building this is very much appreciated. If you are in a position to offer sponsorship of the theatre, or an individual show, please contact [email protected] or phone the box office on 01302 340422.

Of course by far the best support is to come along and enjoy our shows, tell your friends and relations, think about arranging a party booking. Season tickets are available.