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Members Comments…
  • Chloe Mee – Tonight has been truly amazing, I even think that is an understatement. I’ve loved every minute of it and just the people being there was the best part. It showed us that our theatre really does matter and people truly do appreciate it the way it should be appreciated. I’d like to thank everyone who is a part of the theatre for making my experience as a member (so far…) an unforgettable one and tonight really did show that! It’s changed my life and that’s for sure, especially the people within it. Wow… Please everyone else become a member, it’s a proper laugh, it’s laid back and you don’t get bossed around, this is great for you especially if you don’t have anything else to do in your spare time. Thanks guys, I owe you all one.
  • Jess Pagan – Awesome opportunities here, much better place to spend your time than wasting it in front of the laptop… oh wait..
  • Amy Bidmead I’ve been a member of the little theatre for 13 years now, so it formed a massive part of my childhood and now adult life.  I was extremely shy when I joined as a 13 year old, desperate to blend into the background really, and was immediately embraced by this group of lovely people. It gave me a place to go and meet people interested in the same things as I was, to make friends, to become who I am, and grow as a person.  I see the membership as an extended family, and past and present members have always been supportive and encouraging towards me.  So I thoroughly recommend anyone to come along, see what we do and get involved. For me it was the start of life long friendships, personal satisfaction/achievement at entertaining an audience, and has given me memories that I will always cherish.
  • Craig Cook – The theatre definitely saved my life its an amazing place with amazing people. I love it.
  • Caroline Avis – It’s been a part of my life for about 13 years, I will miss everyone there when I move down South. There’s a wonderful welcoming family of people of all ages. It’s a little theatre with a big heart.
  • Declan Bell – Fun, cool and awsome filled with some of the most beautiful ppl you will ever meet
  • Daniel Glover – Love the place. Its my home from home, except the first weekend of ever month, then its my home from home from home, but that’s another story for another time. I think I have been a member for…close to a decade? Well, around 7 years now. …Lovely place full of lovely people. Different people. Peoples people. People who need people, and who are, in many ways, the luckiest people in the world. Great for people who need experience in any form of performing arts, and people who need experience as an audience member, all welcome here.  The bar is cheap (cheap in the good way obviously) and the toilets are free. What more could you want? Join, visit or just admire the building from across the street. Either way, make the Little Theatre part of your life. After all, ‘The is a LITTLE THEATRE in all of us!’
  • Adam King – Possibly saved my life?                                                                    It’s an awesome place, with awesome people.
  • Michael Garry Houghton – So glad I joined this place. So many amazing times with so many awesome people! Love it all!
  • Victoria Porter – It’s such a welcoming place, For everyone from any walk of life… in any stage of their life, Old or young… Everyone is appreciated. Doncaster little theatre is such a wonderful Unique Environment. But don’t just take my word for it why don’t you visit and see. X
  • Daniel Hodson – Fantastic Place! – Love setting up techie for show’s!

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