The Elvis Presley Show

Jared has been performing his Elvis tribute show since the tender age of 16. He is officially recognised as one of the top Elvis Tributes in Europe.
He is one of only a few Elvis tributes to win in America.
Jared’s new production for 2017/2018 
Elvis The Early Years 1954-1964 spectacularly recreates the first 10 years of Elvis Presley’s career.
A 2hr show taking you back to where it all began in 1954 with Elvis’ first recordings at Sun records, through to the heights of 1956, onto the return from the army and the early movie years.
THIS IS A SHOW LIKE NO OTHER…With an Authentic four piece band.


Every aspect of the show is created to be as close to an Elvis concert as possible. 
Vocally, musically and most importantly the feel and energy of an Elvis Presley show is authentically created.
Saturday 28th July – 7:30pm
Tickets: £15