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3 Male Characters
Audition material available on request or from the Box Office

Auditions on Sunday 2nd April from 5pm at The Little Theatre


One Act Play for end of May

2 Female Characters / Sisters

2 Puppeteers male or female

Audition material available on request or from the Box Office

Auditions on Sunday 2nd April from 5pm at The Little Theatre


WANTED – Three strong and committed actors to take part in our June production of “Dangerous Obsession” by N. J. Crisp.

1. Sally Driscoll – a forty something who begins and ends the play in swimsuit and sandals. [Housecoat after a while!] An attractive, intelligent woman who drinks a little too much and whose memory fails to connect with the man who arrives at her door and says that they have danced together. She is self-assured and confident but as the story progresses begins to become less so as her belief in her husband is shattered.

2. John Barrett – a forty something who gives the impression of being ordinary and self-deprecating but who can be quietly threatening and give the impression of being dangerous. Quietly firm, he gradually takes control of the situation and the other couple. He dresses in a business suit that has probably seen better days. He enjoys torturing the married couple with his words but is really incapable of physical violence.

3. Mark Driscoll – also a forty something and a successful businessman as denoted by his more classy work suit. He too likes a drink and through the course of the play becomes somewhat inebriated. He tries to be patient but finds it difficult and can be belligerent. However, his resolve and confidence gradually dissipate as John gains the upper hand and the moral high ground.


Mark is successful and wealthy and his wife, Sally enjoys the fruits of his labours. On a lovely summer’s day her tranquillity is broken by the arrival of John Barrett who has a bone to pick with her husband. He is a broken man seeking revenge and a way to hurt Mark whose infidelity with John’s wife led to a tragic accident. What transpires that afternoon irrevocably changes all their lives for ever. This is a beautifully written thriller and Crisp manages to keep the audience guessing all the time.

However, it is very wordy and the three characters share the stage for the duration of the play. It is set in the Home Counties and there is reference to the ‘posh’ bits of London. Ideally it requires an RP voice but I will be happy with a neutral accent. If you like a challenge and a piece of drama to get your teeth into then this is for you.

The auditions will be Sunday March 26th 6.00 – 8.00 pm and audition pieces will be in the theatre by Friday March 10th. I look forward to seeing you then.

Barbara Upton

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