We know that there are some amazingly talented people out there and we want you!

We are always looking for new stars to perform at Doncaster Little Theatre in and amongst our incredible cast and crew.
To audition for Doncaster Little Theatre cast productions you can become an Artistic Member. This allows people to get up on the stage and be inspired to perform.
You can act, direct, manage stage sound and lighting, or work backstage as a stagehand, in the workshop, dressing rooms, or costume department.
Artistic membership includes all the perks of being a friend of the theatre. It really is your opportunity to access all areas in being part of a theatre for the great price of £24 for your first year, £36 for each year after that.


JACK AND THE BEANSTALK – Follow up Auditions!


* JACK: Bright confident young man can also be played by a female as a principal boy. MALE OR FEMALE

* DAME DOTTIE DIMPLE: Pantomime Dame and Jack’s long suffering mother. A poor dairy farmer. MALE

* SIMPLE SIMON: Jack’s daft brother the comic of the show

* PICCALILLI: Wicked witch character. FEMALE

* FAIRY SUGARDUST: Typical good fairy and great to make your own style with. FEMALE or MALE

* RANCID THE RATMAN: Local rat catcher and becomes the Giant’s henchman `comedy baddie` MALE

* KING CRUMBLE: Henpecked king typical of Pantomime MALE

* QUEEN APRICOT: More worldly than the King. FEMALE

* PRINCESS CHARLOTTE: Young and innocent principal Girl

* SNATCHET: Brokers man he is more idiotic of the two.

* SCARPER: Brokers man. MALE or FEMALE

* HUMPHREY: Royal Equerry, small role bit of a twit. MALE can be young


* BUTTERMILK: The pantomime cow. (tap dances)

* CHORUS: Villagers, Fayre Goers, Giants Minions,

* MAGIC HARPIST: very small role.

Auditions will take place on Thursday 5th July 6PM to 8PM


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Audition pieces will be available in the theatre or online prior to the dates that are listed above.

If you are interested in auditioning but unable to attend the given date/time please contact the Director / Box Office (01302 340422)