When They Go Low

C.A.T.S Presents

In association with connections National Theatre Programme

Written by Natalie Mitchell

Social media is in a frenzy over pictures of Sarah at a party on the weekend – no one knows quite what she got up to. When Miss Reef lectures the girls on taking more responsibility for their actions, Louise becomes enraged that the boys who took the pictures aren’t made accountable too. She wages war on the misogyny but when she threatens school stalwart Scott and his claim to the School Captain title, things get very nasty. A website appears, rating the girls on their appearance and shaming them for their actions.

When They Go Low is about everyday feminism and the changing face of teenage sexuality in an online world. When they go low, we go high.

Sunday 18th – Tuesday 20th March – 7:00pm

Tickets: £10 / £8

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Steptoe and Son

Hambledon Productions Proudly Present
by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

Adapted by John Hewer

Albert and Harold; father and son. One proclaims he’s “a poor old man” while the other protests that actually he’s “a dirty old man!” In actual fact, both are telling the truth. These two warring rag-and-bone-men, in their Shepherd’s Bush scrapyard home, became household favourites for entire generations throughout the 60s and 70s and still they continue to entertain audiences today.

Now it’s time to relive some of their finest misadventures through this brand new production. Marking fifty-five years since the show’s first ever broadcast, Hambledon Productions (Hancock’s Half Hour – The Lost Episodes, Educating Rita, Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show) breathe life back into the Steptoe household with this faithful, fresh and hilarious adaptation of original episodes from the long-running smash hit BBC sitcom.

“The affection for the original shines through in this fine production. I’m delighted that the scripts and the characters continue to be cherished after all this time. The performances are marvellous.”  – Ray Galton

“This energetic adaptation of some of Steptoe’s funniest, filthiest moments is the loveliest and most vibrant of tributes to Alan Simpson and Ray Galton” – Robert Ross (Comedy Historian)and most vibrant of tributes to Alan Simpson and Ray Galton:

Features the classic episodes: Divided We Stand, Men of Letters and Come Dancing.

Friday 23rd March – 7:30pm

Tickets: £12 / £10 (Under 16 / Over 60 / Student)

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The Railway Children – A Little Theatre Easter Production

A Little Theatre Easter Production

By E. Nesbit & Adapted by Mike Kenny

The Railway Children. So well known, they seem to have become part of our modern culture. Originally serialised in the ‘London magazine’ in 1905, and published as a book in 1906 by Edith Nesbit, the story of three Edwardian children who leave their London home after their father is imprisoned and move to a country village has entertained, and been loved by generations.

Although radio and television adaptations have brought the adventures of Roberta, Phyllis and Peter to audiences, perhaps the 1970 film, directed by Lionel Jeffries gave us the iconic images we remember, and which now define the novel.

This production uses the script by Mike Kenny which formed the basis of the very successful stage production in 2008 at the National Railway Museum. A large tent was erected over a stage built either side of a railway track. The audience seating in effect was on each platform, a real locomotive making an appearance certainly surprised the audience.

We hope you will be pleasantly surprised as you rediscover something about the play’s underlying themes and values: friendship, helpfulness, care, compassion and determination.

So come with Nesbit and her varied characters. Yes, at times she paints an idealised view of life in the country and childhood, but the story of this family coming to terms with a change in their surroundings and social circle, as well as the loss of a loved one, gives us hope this Eastertime as our Railway children embody the spirit of the season in dealing with danger, working through their woes, and waving their wishes to success.

Make sure to wave and smile.

Tuesday 3rd – Friday 5th – 7pm

Saturday 6th – 3pm

Tickets: £10 / £8 – Family Ticket £30

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#Membership Monday

Monday 9th April – 7pm

#membershipmondays is an exciting opportunity for our community to gather together to catch up, enhance skills, socialise and learn more about this little theatre that has such a big heart.

We understand that it is our members that really make this place amazing so once a month on the first Monday we meet at the theatre at 6pm.

Each month can have different activities from learning about the technical side of stage management through to a good quiz evening.

If you are already a member then feel free to pop down and if you are thinking of becoming a member then this is the place and time to pop in and find out more.

Improvise Live!

Pick N Mix Productions

Back by overwhelming popular demand (Or because we had nothing better to do!)

Based on the hit TV show ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’

Laugh out loud family fun, and tickets will be an astonishing £8 each.

Comments from previous shows audience members:

“It was alright I guess”

“I liked the bit with the kangaroo”

“Sorry I’m late, I’ve just picked up a chicken mayo for 99p” NOT TO BE MISSED!

A night of entertainment that is completely made up on the spot and driven by audience suggestions. No script. No rehearsal. Just full on, family humour.

Friday 13th April – 7:00pm

Tickets: £8

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Bite My Thumb Production

By John Godber

Carol, Adele, Niki and Mel work in an oh-so-trendy bar that is worse than hell. Welcome to the 80’s where every town has its cocktail bar, where everyone wants to be seen from the check-out girls to the chinless wonders, from the luvvies to the local lads tittering at the thought of a “long slow comfortable screw”.

Shakers gives a wickedly funny glimpse of this world as seen through the eyes of the four long suffering waitresses, offering a fascinating view of the reality that lurks behind the plastic palms and the Pina Coladas

John Godber’s sparkling writing builds on the success of his earlier ‘Bouncers’ to create a richly absorbing yet tellingly revealing modern comedy.

Friday 27th April – 7:30pm

Tickets: £10 / £8

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Dick and his Cat – 18+

Laffin’ Boi Productions

An Adult Pantomime – 18+

Sunday 29th April – 7pm

Tickets: £12 / £10 for 6 or more

This show contains bad language, sexual references and adult humour!

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Bite My Thumb Production

By John Godber

Bouncers, John Godber’s most famous and loved play, needs little introduction.  Widely regarded as one of the funniest British plays ever written, you’re guaranteed to go home with your face aching from laughter.

This crowd-pleasing piece of brilliance is brought to you by Bite My Thumb, who have given several celebrated productions of Bouncers in the past.  Due to hefty public demand they’ve brought this hilarious yet poignant comedy back one last time.

So get your tickets quickly as four supremely talented actors portray dozens of different characters on a typical Northern night out to an electric 80s soundtrack.

Thursday 10th May – 7:30pm

Tickets: £10 / £8

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Blowin’ in the Wind

Songs of Peace, Protest & Love

Andante Live

Join us as we take you back to the era of PEACE , PROTEST & LOVE with uniquely arranged classic songs such as “Mr Tambourine Man’, ‘Imagine’, ‘The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down’, ‘Big yellow Taxi’,‘The Sound of Silence’, ‘All you need is Love’ and many more.

Andante Live presents “Blowin’ in the Wind”. Combining the vocal harmonies of Vee Sweeney and Mark Rowson, 16 instruments between them and outstanding musicianship, they perform an uplifting and inspiring show to give you a fabulous evening of unforgettable music.

When Dylan, Baez and friends sang their songs of peace, protest & love, “times certainly were a- changin’

Friday 11th May – 7:30pm

Tickets £10 / £8

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John Reilly & Lewis Nitikmam celebrate the music of Elton John and Billy Joel

John Reilly the mighty voice of Boy On A Dolphin and Acoustic Angels with Canadian pianist Lewis Nitikman celebrate the wonderful music of Sir Elton John and Billy Joel.

Live music at its very best. An evening of songs …Your Song, Innocent Man, Benny & The Jets, Uptown Girl as well as others musical gems interpreted by these two extraordinary musicians.

This popular show sells out quickly so don’t miss out!

Saturday 26th May – 8pm

Tickets: £12.50

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Windrush 70th Anniversary – Streets Paved with gold

Streets Paved with Gold –

performed by Victor Richards

Augusts Cleveland Johnson arrived in London at Tilbury docks in 1948. This is a story of his humble beginnings in the mother land. Share his journey, struggles, triumph, hopes and aspirations

Friday 8th June 18

Doors open 6:30pm

Caribbean food for sale prior to the show from Devons Kitchen

Show starts 7:30pm

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Playing Away

Hatfield Spotlight Theatre Group Presents:

A comedy by Janet Shaw

It’s darts time again at the Frog and Duck in downtown Barnsley. The girls’ team have made the final again and the lads, well the lads are struggling. The excitement of the competition is overshadowed when a routine medical examination jeopardises the rock-solid marriage of landlord Alan and his wife Kath.

Kath is pregnant, but Alan has had a vasectomy! Could it be that someone at the pub, other than the darts team, has been playing away?

On the lads team, it’s honesty time for Gary, when he has to face the truth about himself, and it’s crunch time for compulsive liar Danny, when he meets his female match.

Throw in an interfering mother-in-law for Alan, an unintelligible Irish man and the town’s worst dieters and you have the recipe for a night of hilarity, fused together with just the right amount of pathos.

Tickets: £10 / £8 (Under 16 / Over 60 / Student) / £7 Group of 10+

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd June – 7:15pm & Saturday 23rd June – 2pm & 7:15pm

All shows will include an integrated signed performance

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